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TheChadShow PodCast Pilot

And so we have liftoff on the pilot episode and very first Chad Mathew aka ( TheChadShow ) podcast. This podcast is going to be a bit of all sorts and a lot about Yours truly so I hope you download the App and get ready to follow a fun journey. -Chad Mathew
Recent posts

Behind The Scenes For TVSN

Shooting Some behind The scenes for a TVSN gig coming soon. Getting To Know Chad Mathew 

Shooting The OnLine ING Super Commercial Ads

Shooting The OnLine  ING Super Commercial Ads For ING Australia. LOVE working with this woman. She’s a true professional and ball of fun on and off set. @jenkomorebi

Healthy Brakes / Chemist Warehouse, Nicabate Commercial.

Behind The Scenes On The 30 Sec Healthy Brakes / Chemist Warehouse, Nicabate Commercial.

Behind The Scenes For The Call The Electrician Still And Video Shoot.

A little behind the scenes On set for Call The Electrician Still and video shoot. an online and website advertisement shoot. Not sure I’d make the best electrician after almost  electrocuting myself twice. Lol whoops 🤣

Opening Up Pandora’s Box To Way Back When.

Looking for material for my 15 year celebration video I have stumbled across Pandora’s box of my  archives. Back in 2005 I was on the cover of every local LGBTQIA+ Mag Across the country. I remember the start of that year and feeling like my life had and was falling apart after 2004. It reminds me looking at these that  absolutely everything and anything can change and quickly. #GoodMemories #GoodTimes 

Scene On Screen Workshops Fox Studios.

Getting fully into Character for my audition tape filming at Scene On Screen Fox Studios Sydney, Australia. Love to drop into these sessions and evenings when I want some great feed back on my prepped Auditions. Camera ready 🎥🎬