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On Set With Matthew Miceli 2021

Another year, Another Look.. Putting Some more mojo and sex appeal into the older and more distinguished Chad Mathew. Look out for the new pics coming soon.  
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Sydney Sky Driving Adventures 2021

Take risks, Ask Questions, And do more to make your life the Adventure and full of the excitement that you deserve. Live life love life and enjoy life. Gettt it…   

My Fitness Journey Though Lockdowns And COVID

The Fitness journey for everyone through COVID and lockdowns over the last 18 months has been a hard, long and tough one. But with the right motivation. You can do it. #FitnessCoach #LifestyleCoaching   

OpenShop Channel 75

Bringing Indoor Fitness Back On Channel 75 For OpenShop, Australia. The Healthy Lifestyle Rocks   

Supplier Of The Year Awards

Another year hosting at the supplier of the year awards, at Crown Casino, Sydney. Australia. I’ll never get bored of giving away $50,000 checks to charities.   

Genpower SV5000 Commercial

 On Set For The Genpower SV5000 Commercial Video. Learn Why The Genpower SV5000 Is The Smart Choice For Adventurists, Contractors & Homeowners  

Networking Is Everything In The Marketing And Business Industries

Networking is everything in the marketing and business industries. Be able to turn every interaction into an opportunity for yourself personally and professionally.  In a world where everything and everyone is for sale,  Learning how to sell yourself effectively is a must.