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Networking Is Everything In The Marketing And Business Industries

Networking is everything in the marketing and business industries. Be able to turn every interaction into an opportunity for yourself personally and professionally.  In a world where everything and everyone is for sale,  Learning how to sell yourself effectively is a must. 
Recent posts

Shooting With Da-Man And Photographer, Matthew Miceli Creative Fitness Photography

 Shooting with photographer and Da-Man, Matthew Miceli some new portfolio fitness photography. Active Outdoor photography at its best and most creative.  

Behind The Scenes For The CallTheElectrician Advertisement.

 Behind The Scenes For The CallTheElectrician Online Advertisement Campaign. The Tradie Vibe is in full swing here with this bunch of Awesome Actors back in 2019. 

Behind The Scenes For The Nuclear Family Commercial

 A behind the scenes on set filming this hilarious All American 1960s nuclear family Comedy skit and commercial. July 2019

On Set For The DiDi Commercial Shoot Take2, Back Again For A Summer Love’n Sydney Lifestyle.

 Back in the DiDi makeup chair again. It’s Summer vibes in the Sydney hive. So grateful to be back shooting for this Amazing client again. What an awesome year of working for the best clients ever.  Always be yourself, People really do respect that !! 

Behind The Scenes Shooting, Lifestyle And Fitness Photography With Da-Man Matthew Miceli.

Running around Sydney with my Awesome friend Matthew Miceli. This guy is Da-Man... !! When it comes to creative photography. We both totally into this creative project of arts and ALWAYS dose Matthew deliver fantastic photography. He’s Da-Man !! 

On Set Shooting For The DiDi Car Share Commercial

 So grateful to have had this DiDi job This year. It gave me heap of positive exposure across so many platforms and of cause you would definitely recognise the people who I get to work with.  The most fun people to work with on set. It’s like we just get to play and have a great time being ourselves and enjoying the brand and clients we work with.